Imitation of materials

Whether on walls, ceilings, doors, carpentry, removable panels, furniture, or other objects, the painting allows the reproduction of almost all materials, while remaining leakable of course.

False moldings, imitations of wood, stones, marbles, metals, bricks, mosaics, inlays, fabrics and draperies, stained glass, etc …

You want to give a classic ambience to your living space, dress your marble fireplace jamb with an imitation of this same marble, or beautify your plinths with a discreet false marble, or give a warm atmosphere to your room by dressing your doors of paintings in imitation oak or walnut or your bar of an imitation of bricks, do not hesitate any more, the effect will be guaranteed!

Imitation of the stone on house facade
imitation of brick and rust
imitation mahogany and false moldings
imitation of the paris stone
imitation marbles 'white veined' and 'red languedoc' with false moldings
imitation walnut with false moldings
imitation marble sea green and portor with false moldings
marble imitation on fireplace jambs